What is a Vault Key?

Your Vault Key is a 256-bit encryption key that is used to encrypt your data so that unauthorized users cannot gain access. You can find your Vault Key in your Vault Kit inside your account – it’s a long series of letters and numbers, as well as a QR code that makes it easier for you to enter your code on any new mobile device, or computer with a webcam. 

Both you and your executor need your Vault Key to unlock your Vault, as it’s the only way to decrypt your information. Print a copy, and don’t lose it!

When you might need to use your Vault Key:

  • If you create your Vault on your phone, and then want to access it via our web app (or vice versa).
  • If you get a new phone and need to log into Qwill Vault on your new device.
  • When your estate is distributed, your executor will need your Vault Key to decrypt your information.

For security purposes, we intentionally don’t store a copy of your Vault Key on Qwill servers and won’t be able to recover it for you if it gets lost. Make sure to print a copy of your Vault Key immediately and store it in a safe place.

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