What can I do to keep my data safer?

There are several things you do to keep your data even more safe than it already is with Qwill.

Choose a strong password.
It’s critical to choose a strong account password that isn’t easy to guess and that you haven’t used before. Due to many other companies
experiencing mass data leaks, sharing credentials across multiple apps or accounts greatly increases the risk of your data being compromised.

Enable multi-factor authentication.
The next thing you should do is enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) in your Qwill account. You can find this in the account settings menu of the app. This adds an extra layer of security to your account by making it harder for an attacker to get into your account simply by guessing your password. Visit our FAQs on how to set up MFA on your iPhone, or in the web app.

Protect your Vault Key in a safe place.
Next, ensure you protect your
Vault Key. So long as your Vault Key remains something that only you (and eventually your executor) know – your Vault items should be safe. But if you email it, snap photos of it on your cellphone, text it to a friend, etc – you’ll greatly decrease your security. The best thing to do is print out your Vault Key, store it in a safe place (ideally with your will), and never send it electronically.

Don’t share your password.
Finally, Qwill employees should never ask you for your account password or
Vault Key. If somebody claiming to be a Qwill employee does so, please reach out to us directly by emailing support@qwill.io right away.

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