How do I set up a Vault?

You can have your Vault set up in just a few easy steps! We spell it out in detail here, but the app will guide you step-by-step as well. 

Important: Don’t forget to print and store a physical copy of your Vault Key with your will! Your executor will need it to access your Vault after you pass.

Steps to set up your Vault:

  • 1. Within your Qwill account, click the Vault icon.

  • 2. Read through the onboarding screens and click “Get Started”.

  • 3. The first screen will be your Vault Kit, which contains your Vault Key. Read carefully, and print your Vault Kit out ASAP and store in a safe place with your will. Your executor will need your Vault Key to access your Vault when it’s time to distribute your estate. Read more on our Distribution page.

  • 4. After your print your Vault Kit, click “Done” to return to your Vault home page, which lists all the account categories for the types of info you can add.

  • 5. Click the + icon in the lower right to add a new account. Make sure to choose a category before adding details.

  • 6. After you choose a category, the appropriate fields will render on the page for you to fill out. All data is optional. Try to be as clear as possible so that your executor knows exactly what the account was for and how to access it.

    Vault - Categories                

  • When you’re done entering information, click “Save” to return to your Vault home page.

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