How do I set up a Guardianship document for my kids?

You’ll be prompted by Q to set up your Guardianship document after you complete your will. Since it’s a premium feature, you’ll need to upgrade your account by following the steps on the screen. If you’ve already completed your will, you can upgrade to premium (and start the Guardianship document) by visiting the Estate Home screen in the app and clicking to start Guardianship.

During the Guardianship creation process, Q will ask you some questions about who you’d like to designate as a guardian for your children and any instructions you’d like to leave for their care. Once you’re done, your Will document will be automatically updated with the new Guardianship information and emailed to you (see a mistake? don’t worry, you can still make edits any time with the app!). You’ll need to print, witness, and sign the updated document to make it official.

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