How do I enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) on the iPhone app?

Yay MFA! This will help keep your Qwill account even more secure from unauthorized users. To read about what MFA is, visit our FAQ on multi-factor authentication.

How to set up MFA on a mobile device:

  • 1. Log into Qwill on your iPhone and tap the menu icon in the top left of the screen.

    Qwill menu icon

  • 2. Click on “MFA Settings” – it might say Multi-Factor Authentication, depending on your app version.

    MFA Settings
  • 3. By default,  MFA is disabled. Click the word “Enabled” to toggle it on.

  • 4. On the setup screen, you’ll see a QR code and a long text key. Click the button under the text key that says “Copy to Clipboard.”

    Copy code to clipboard

  • 5. Next you’ll need to use the Google Authenticator app. Click on “Get Google Authenticator”.

    Get Google Authenticator

  • 6. Once the app store opens on the Google Authenticator page, click to “Get” and install, or “Open” if you’ve already installed it on your phone.

    Get App

  • 7. With Google Authenticator open, click the + icon in the upper right corner to add a new account login – this will link Qwill to your authenticator. Tap “Manual entry”, since you can’t scan the QR code from the phone.

    Add GA account

  • 8. On the manual entry page, enter the email address you used to sign in to Qwill, and paste the unique code that you copied to your clipboard. Then click the checkmark in the upper right to submit.

    Manual Entry

  • 9. On the authenticator screen, tap on the 6 digit code that appears next to the account you just created. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see “Copied”, indicating that the code was copied to your clipboard.

    Tap code to copy

  • 10. With the code copied, go back to the Qwill app and scroll to the bottom of the MFA screen. Paste the code you just copied into the MFA code space, and click “Submit”.

    Submit GA code

  • 11. Double check that your setup was successful – your MFA settings screen should know be toggled to “Enabled.”

    MFA Enabled

  • 12. Each time that you log back into Qwill, after you enter your password, we’ll ask for your MFA code. Just open the Google Authenticator app, copy the code next to your Qwill account, and enter it into the Qwill app. Voila! Account secured.

    MFA Login

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