How do I access the account of a Qwill user whom has passed away?

We’re so sorry for your loss.  Qwill has been designed from the beginning to make this process easier, and so we’re hoping we can simplify this transition as much as possible.  

As part of each service agreement with a Qwill user, we agree to only release their secure details and location of their legal documents to their named executor, and/or other authorized users of their choosing. For that reason, in order to process a distribution request, we not only need to verify the user’s death with an official death certificate, but we also need to verify the identity of an authorized user.

To report a user’s passing and access his/her account details, please start by visiting our Distribution page, which includes instructions for executors on how to retrieve an estate. We keep the most up-to-date instructions on this page, so encourage you to check it now.

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