Are Qwill wills legal?

Absolutely – Qwill is legal across the United States*. Qwill generates form legal documents based on the information that you provide, using will templates that have been drafted and reviewed by licensed attorneys and that meet the legal requirements of all fifty states (and DC!). It’s important to note that your will won’t be fully legal until you take the specific steps required by your state, often signing in front of at least two witnesses. Don’t worry, we’ll prompt you with the next steps to take after you complete your will.

It’s important to note that Qwill isn’t a traditional law firm and so we can’t provide legal advice specific to your situation. The law is a always a personal matter, and no general form, tool, or resource can address every circumstance. So if at any time you need legal advice for a specific question, we’d recommend you consult a licensed attorney in your area.

*Note: Qwill does not currently support residents of Louisiana because of a set of estate laws unique to the state. We’re working hard to create solution that works for LA. Please reach out to us at if you have additional questions.

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