Hello, we’re Qwill.

We’re an eclectic and experienced crew of engineers, marketers, designers, and lawyers. But at our core, we’re family first – and we set out to solve a problem that everyone in America faces: How do you make sure your family’s taken care of when you’re gone? Qwill’s mission is to revolutionize every aspect of estate planning, and we’re doing it by redesigning the experience from the ground up. Yes, it’s a serious process – but that doesn’t mean it has to suck. Our true north is proving that to you. We hope you’ll join us in reimagining and securing your family’s future.

The team.

Greg Glass


Background: Customer Success & Sales
Happy Place: O’Rourke’s Bench
Pet PeeveMoldy sponges…just squeeze ?

Josh Carver


Background: Software Engineer
Happy Place: Beaches; Mountains
Pet Peeve: Empty refrigerators

Alicia Hwang


Background: Law Firm
Happy Place: Target
Pet Peeve: People who stand on the moving walkway

Lauren Baideme


Background: Marketing strategy
Happy Place: Lakeside
Pet Peeve: Being stuck behind slow drivers

Paul Ruxton


Background: Brand Design
Happy Place: Garden
Pet Peeve: Litter



Background: Robot ethics
Happy Place: Charging station
Pet Peeve: Winging it



Background: Estate law & archival
Happy Place: Lost in the stacks
Pet Peeve: Misuse of ‘who’ and ‘whom’



Background: Classified
Happy Place: Disney World
Pet Peeve: Pet names as passwords



Background: Scrapbooking
Happy Place: The movies
Pet Peeve: Uncaptioned photos



Background: USPS
Happy Place: Road tripping
Pet Peeve: Crooked stamps


Gerry W. Beyer

Advisory Board Member

Professor Gerry W. Beyer holds an endowed professorship at Texas Tech and researches, writes, and teaches in the areas of estate planning, wills & trusts and property. As a nationally recognized expert, Prof. Beyer was inducted into the National Association of Estate Planning Councils’ Estate Planning Hall of Fame in 2015. He is the editor of the most popular estate planning blog in the nation and one of the top most downloaded authors on the Social Sciences Research Network.

Scott Sambur

Advisory Board Member

Scott Sambur is a partner in the Trusts & Estates and Family Office group of Seward & Kissel LLP in New York City. He advises some of the world’s wealthiest clients on all manner of tax, business succession, insurance and charitable planning, and prides himself on out-of-the box solutions to a family’s thorniest problems. Scott is a graduate of Harvard Law School, a member of the Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners, and a frequent speaker on family office structuring and related issues.

James B. Creighton

Advisory Board Member

James B. Creighton is a certified specialist in Estate Planning, Trust, & Probate Law with over 24+ years of experience as an estate planning, probate, and trust law attorney. In addition to acting as founding partner of Creighton Law Offices, he is an adjunct professor at Berkeley Law and UC Hastings, where he teaches Wills & Trusts and other estate planning courses.

Russ Glass


Russ is the CEO of Ginger.io, an on-demand behavioral health company. He is a serial technology entrepreneur and author, having founded or held senior positions at four venture-backed technology companies and writing The Big Data-Driven Business and Voting with a Porpoise. He sold his last company, Bizo, to LinkedIn where he ran the Marketing Solutions products group, driving more than 2x growth to over $800 million in revenues. As founder and CEO, he led Bizo, a B2B audience marketing and data platform from its founding to over $50 million in revenues and 160 employees. He is on the board of Rock the Vote and is focused on using his experience with technology, data science, and narrative/branding tactics to develop novel strategies to increase engagement and turnout among young voters. He believes that great cultures = great companies and loves his wife, three daughters, Duke basketball, golf and just about anything in VR.

Bryan Burdick


Bryan is President and Co-Founder of ClearGov, Inc, a civic-tech startup that helps governments better communicate financial performance to citizens and policy makers via easy-to-understand infographics and benchmarking. Prior to founding ClearGov, Burdick was Global Head of B2B Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn. Before LinkedIn Bryan co-founded Bizo, a B2B data management and targeting technology company, growing the company to over 150 employees and $50MM+ run-rate (from May 2008 to Aug 2014) before being acquired by LinkedIn for $175MM. Bryan also previously worked at ZoomInfo, Monster and Lycos, and he serves as an advisor to several early stage technology companies. He holds a BS in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Donnie Flood


Currently the CTO at Guild Education, and previous CTO at Bizo, Donnie is a seasoned entrepreneur and engineering leader with a passion for building engineering culture around quality, communication, humility, respect, and trust and technical systems around simple and scalable AWS-based architectures.

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