A complete estate plan in your pocket.

Simple, secure, revolutionary – as it should be.

Start with your legal will, and go from there.

It’s as simple and easy as texting.

Quick and simple – done in minutes.

Just print and sign to make it official.

Secure account details for your executor.

Finance, insurance, whatever's important.

Preserve your photos, videos, and stories.

Capture precious memories and pass them on.

Your family's future, secured.

Estate planning as it should be - simple, secure, revolutionary. Start with your will and go from there.


So, why Qwill?

We’re proud of the things that make us different.

Secure the details.

You’re the only expert on you. Financial accounts, social media, cryptocurrency, insurance details….the list goes on. Qwill includes a proprietary hyper-secure Vault, built explicitly to directly transfer your info only when the time comes. Breathe easy.


Capture life.

Our mission is to transfer all that’s valuable from one generation to the next. Legal documents are a start, but the stuff that really matters has nothing to do with the law. Plant the roots of your family tree: Treasures, memories, places and stories for the future.


Distribute with ease.

Estate planning doesn’t work unless you’re confident that all your data, docs, and details make it to your executors, guardians, and beneficiaries. Fully networked, Qwill is built with distribution in mind from the start. Burden your loved ones no more.


Relax, you’ve got this.

Qwill is your family’s future, in the cloud and on your phone.

See how it works.

It’s super easy.

  1. Get the app.

    Download from the IOS app store.

  2. Create your will.

    You’ve got this – it only takes 5 minutes.

  3. Print and sign.

    You’re done! Legal across the US.

Safe and secure.

End-to-End Encryption

To say we take security seriously is an understatement – it’s quite simply our #1 priority. Qwill uses SSL/TSL encryption and is built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which maintains ISO 27001 and SAS70 Type II certification for its infrastructure, and has years of experience managing and securing large-scale data centers. Qwill encrypts all of your data, both at rest and in transit. Your Vault items have an additional layer of encryption to help ensure that nobody, not even Qwill employees, can access your information.

Privacy and Control

Qwill is built with both privacy and control in mind. Qwill’s service works seamlessly when your named connections are aware that your plan’s in the cloud, however, your data, accounts, and preferences are always kept private to you, unless you explicitly request to share information.

Multi-step Verification

Distribution control is always in your hands. Qwill has a multi-step verification process for your nominated executor to request access to your data, including providing a hard-copy certified death certificate and photo ID that matches their credentials. Additionally, there are several user-controlled safeguards in place to ensure strong security while maintaining prompt access. To learn more about our distribution process when executing an estate, please visit our Distribution page.

Your Data, Not Ours. Period.

All of the information (e.g. personal information, photos, videos, documents, etc.) that you upload and store on your Qwill account is your content. We don’t claim ownership over your content, nor do we control, verify, or endorse the content that you or others put in or share through our services. You can read more about content ownership within our Terms of Service.

Data Privacy and Usage

We will never share your personal information with other companies for their advertising purposes. In order to provide you with the best services that we can, we have to collect certain information from and about you. The way we use and protect that information is described in detail in our Privacy Policy, which we encourage you to read.